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it is categorized as red meat — a term used for the meat of mammals, which contains higher amounts of iron than chicken or fish. beef is mainly composed of saturated and monounsaturated fat, present in approximately equal amounts. beef is a rich source of high-quality protein and various vitamins and minerals. anemia is a common condition, characterized by a decreased number of red blood cells and reduced ability of the blood to carry oxygen.

it’s unclear whether meat consumption or saturated fats in beef increase your risk of heart disease. a large number of studies indicate that eating well-done meat — or other dietary sources of heterocyclic amines — may increase your risk of various cancers (64). on the other hand, unprocessed and mildly cooked beef is healthy in moderation — especially in the context of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. this article explains the difference between grass- and grain-fed… eating processed meat is linked to increased risk of several diseases, including cancer. this adds to the previously… if you’re considering adding or removing meat from your diet, you may wonder whether meat is healthy.

top sirloin steak comes from the sirloin subprimal near the rear of the cow. this information is based on data from the usda’s fooddata central database for a 100-gram serving of top sirloin. steak like top sirloin has a lot of positive things going for it in terms of nutrition. here are a few of the best reasons to include top sirloin in your repertoire of meals. while other cuts of steak range in the 60-80 mg level for sodium, top sirloin sits at 45 mg for a 100-gram serving. top sirloin is one of the leaner cuts, which makes it an even better beef option for some people than fattier cuts.

but, a 100-gram serving of top sirloin has only 2.6 grams of saturated fat and 6.4 grams of total fat. a small 100-gram serving of top sirloin steak adds 21.3 mcg to your diet. top sirloin steak is also a good source of phosphorus, giving 206 mg in one serving. if you stick with a recommended serving of three ounces of top sirloin, you’ll get the nutrients you need without adding a bunch of calories and fat to your diet. one serving has less than 150 calories and just a small amount of sodium and fat. when you’re ready to incorporate top sirloin into your meal planning for the week, consider ordering from chicago steak company. our premium top sirloin steaks will keep your mouth watering with their tasty flavor while giving you a low-fat way to enjoy steak.

when you compare equal-sized portions, the average steak calories per serving will be around 160 calories. if you break that down per ounce, we nutritional information, diet info and calories in. steak ; vitamin a 2% vitamin c 0% ; calcium 2% iron 15% flat iron steak nutritional facts calories: 137 total fat: 6 g saturated fat: 2.7 g cholesterol: 71 mg sodium: 86 mg carbohydrates: 0 g protein: 20 g, steak calories 8 oz, steak calories 8 oz, how many calories in a small piece of steak, steak calories 12 oz, steak calories 4 oz.

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