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i did mix them up a bit when i did them, but for the most part i did the original workouts before most of the xt 2 workouts. unfortunately that is one of the things that is lacking in many of the tapout xt 1 & 2 workouts–a motivating trainer and crew. i used a 6 pound medicine ball and when i did pay attention and try to see the numbers on the sides of the crew’s medicine balls, i saw that they had 4 pound medicine balls. for this workout you will need a resistance band, your medicine ball and he says gloves are optional but i didn’t see the point of weighted gloves. you will need a mat for a lot of the core and plank moves. 29. xt extensions (basically a superman with the ball; get on stomach and hold ball in both hands in front of you, raise both legs and as you raise the legs bring elbows back and to sides, the ball in one hand; lower legs and bring ball back to front and passing it to the other hand). i was struggling with a lot of the moves in this workout. and i did use it for almost every move, but near the end i did a few of the moves sans medicine ball. i don’t love it, but i do like it and think it is a solid return-to workout.

it is a tough, challenging workout and this is another one in which, for the most part, the crew is giving the workout their best effort. he also has a jump rope but it is only used 3 times (twice during the warm up) and for nothing more than to jump rope. i was finally able to see the number on the side of some of the medicine balls. this is just starting in plank and bringing one foot up to the hand on the same side of the body. when there is about 17 minutes of the workout left, you set the band aside; you’re done with it for the rest of the workout. in addition to hating the workout due to mike leading it, i didn’t care for it as a workout either. you might need more than one, but i used a medium band throughout and it was appropriate (for me) for all of the exercises. i also wore weighted gloves because there is punching in this workout and since it is a “guns” workout, i wanted to work my arms even on the punches. tapout will lean you out and help to define your muscles if your diet is also on target.

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