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i’m going to pull a kanye and say yo, korean skincare, i’m really happy for you, but korean makeup is one of the most innovative categories of all time. “in america, i think girls want to look sexier and more mature,” says korean makeup artist cat koh during a recent masterclass i attended in seoul. sadly, the product isn’t available in the u.s. yet, but she says that you can mimic the youthful brow effect by drawing in your brows as more straight-across than severely arched. ‘”  in order to look as youthful as possible, koh says korean women tend to stick to an aesthetic she calls juicy-ism or fruit juice makeup. speaking of peach, as a subcategory of fruit juice makeup, koh says that korean women also like to blend peach-colored or reddish shadow around their eyes specifically.

the effect makes it look like you might have just cried, which is apparently a quality that makes you more attractive in korea. “in america, when you’re wearing glitter, you want it to look like you’re wearing glitter,” she says. koh explains that in order to pull off a puppy dog eye, you should keep your eye open when winging your liner and then bring it ever so slightly downward. in korea, women call the little pocket of fat that crinkles under your eyes when you smile aegyo sal, and it’s so coveted that some women will even get plastic surgery to make theirs more pronounced. koh says that cushions have helped korean women whittle down the time it takes to get their luminescent, glass-skin effect from 13 minutes down to an average of seven, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single woman in korea who prefers a traditional foundation over a cushion. “with a cushion, you can literally use your fingertips to evenly distribute the foundation across your skin.”

hence, it is important to always moisturise your skin in the day and night. that is why it is important to build a skincare routine that works for you first, before learning how to do korean makeup looks. since the main aim of this korean makeup tutorial is to be quick and easy, we recommend that you check out bb cream or cushion compacts if you haven’t already done so. if you want to make your cheekbones and nose more prominent, you can also use concealer as a highlighter.

a tip for choosing the right eye shadow is to explore and find colours that suit your skin tone. if you are confident that the korean straight brow is for you, you can attempt to pluck away those stray hairs and slowly shape it. begin with light strokes at the start of your brows and slowly work your way to the end, tapering it down to a point. the basic principle behind a gradient lip is to use a darker shade on the inner lips, and then use a lip brush, a cotton bud, or your finger to blend it outwards to create a gradient effect.

the key to achieving korean ‘glass skin’ is actually making sure that your skin is moisturised and hydrated – or ‘chok chok’ as they call it in prep your skin first look for a cushion formula lean into fruit juice makeup embrace a straighter brow to look younger try individual lashes. once you have achieved the perfect skin base for makeup, it’s time to apply the right face makeup products. my top suggestion to get korean, korean makeup essentials, korean makeup essentials, korean makeup look 2021, korean natural makeup look, korean makeup look step-by step.

skin care basics: great tips and advice for healthy looking skin – beauty skincare products. more information. asian makeup tutorials korean makeup tips. steps on how to do korean makeup this is the essential step before applying makeup. making sure your skin is properly hydrated before having tightline the lash line in a zigzag motion instead of drawing a thick line at one go. look straight at the mirror while applying eyeliner to, korean makeup artist tips, korean makeup for beginners. kim’s life-changing tips:korean beauty is all about moisture. use cc creams to fix your most annoying skin issues. never apply your cushion compact all over your face. eyebrows are the most important step in the makeup. gradient lips are huge in korea for a reason. create a natural flush by mixing two products.

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