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the internal diameters of the portal and splenic veins were reduced. the incidence of post-operative stent stenosis was 24% at 12 mo and 34% at 24 mo. generally, the puncture path was dilated with a balloon of 8 mm inside diameter, and a stent of 8 or 10 mm inside diameter was then positioned. the success rate of surgery was 99.3% and the incidence of lethal complications was 0.7%. the incidence of stent stenosis was 24% in 12 mo and 34% in 24 mo postoperatively (figure ​(figure1b).1b). in our study, the success rate of tips was 99.3%.

the most critical complications after tips were worsening of liver function and hepatic encephalopathy. the cumulative rate of stent stenosis is 24% in 12 mo and 34% in 24 mo. in our study, the incidence of hepatic encephalopathy was 14% in 3 mo and 18% in 6 mo after tips. in our research, the rate of stent stenosis was low and the rate of recurrent hemorrhage was also low. this confirmed the effectiveness of tips and was an important procedure for recurrent hemorrhage. the improved tips is of great clinical significance and favors clinical dissemination. moc.361@361yyiuhux changes in dynamics and diameters of blood vessels before and after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (n = 278, mean ± sd) changes in liver function and prothrombin time before and after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (n = 278, mean ± sd) incidence of recurring hemorrhage (a), stent stenosis (b) and hepatic encephalopathy (c) after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt.

in this article, we discuss the uses of a tips procedure, its effect on life expectancy, how the procedure works, and what to expect during recovery. a doctor may use a tips procedure to relieve blood pressure in the portal vein by rerouting the blood flow from the other digestive organs past the liver. they use the stent to keep the channel between the portal and hepatic veins open. once the catheter reaches a hepatic vein, the radiologist injects a contrast dye into the vein to get a better view of the blood vessels in the liver.

a doctor may perform an ultrasound or x-ray to ensure that the stent is working and is in a good position. while people with portal hypertension may benefit from a tips procedure, the surgery can lead to additional complications. a tips procedure can also affect the heart and lungs. to do this, a radiologist uses x-rays or ultrasound imaging to guide a catheter through the jugular vein and into the portal vein in the liver, where they will create a tunnel between the portal and hepatic veins. in this article, learn more about the procedure, cirrhosis is a liver condition that causes irreversible scarring on the liver.

the intermediate and long-term complications of tips are stent abnormality and hepatic encephalopathy. it is reported[10,17] that the rate of risks and complications bacterial infections damage to surrounding blood vessels internal bleeding. this procedure could cause bleeding, infection, or damage to your kidneys or lungs. we understand you may have many thoughts and feelings about having a tips, .

puncture and opacification of the biliary duct are quite common during the performance of tips. injury of the bile duct is very rare. infections, shunt stenosis to confirm the diagnosis of portal hypertension and its severity, pressure is also measured within the right side of the heart and in the hepatic vein. a most deaths after tips (83%) were related to progressive liver failure. one patient suffered a procedure related fatal liver haemorrhage and two tips patients, . possible risks with this procedure are:damage to blood vessels.fever.hepatic encephalopathy (a disorder that affects concentration, mental function, and memory, and may lead to coma)infection, bruising, or bleeding.reactions to medicines or the dye.stiffness, bruising, or soreness in the neck.

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