winter wellness tips for seniors

january and february are historically damp, cool months that call for cozy blankets and hot soup. for many seniors, winter can be a challenging time to stay healthy and active. be sure to get your flu shot every year. be aware of flu symptoms and when to see your doctor. physical fitness is important at every stage in life for good health and well-being. but there are still several great activities you can do indoors: cut down on your cooking and cleaning time. as the name suggests, these recipes use just one pot to cook a nutritious, tasty meal with plenty of leftovers!

take advantage of san diego’s bountiful sunny weather by opening the blinds and curtains each morning when you get up. sun is essential to good winter health as seasonal depression and vitamin d deficiency can still occur in mild climates like southern california. spending quality time with friends and family is essential to a good quality of life. it makes you happier, more connected, and reduces stress, anxiety and depression. layering up inside can save on your heating bill and protect your immune system by decreasing the chances that you’ll get sick. sweaters, thick socks, and a warm robe are wardrobe staples that you should have on hand throughout the colder months. to help prevent slips and falls, be sure to keep all paths, walkways and stairs around your home free from debris and as dry as possible.

the winter season can be a challenging time for senior adults to stay healthy, safe and well. the following winter survival tips by senior health experts can help you get through the cold weather months safely and in good health.” if it’s too cold to be outside on a sunny winter day, sit by the window and soak up the rays.

stacey adds, “by following these simple winter health tips for seniors, you can add to your comfort and enjoyment of the season and be ready to welcome spring.” we encourage you to call us with any general questions you might have and to stay current on a variety of senior health and caregiver topics by viewing the latest articles on our website. we also encourage you to share any of your caregiving experiences with us in our comments section. today, saunders house offers a range of services – including short-term rehabilitation, traditional nursing care, restorative care, memory care, respite care and specialized care for individuals with visual impairments – all in a setting that is warm, welcoming and nurturing.

stay hydrated. the cold air and indoor heaters can cause dehydration, if you’re not careful. so encourage your senior family member to drink keep warm – older adults are at an increased risk of dangerous hypothermia in winter due to changes that occur to the body with aging. wear precautions to take stay indoors (or don’t stay outside for very long). keep indoor temperature at 65 degrees or warmer. stay dry because wet clothing chills, .

winter fitness tips for seniors swim or do water exercise at an indoor pool. join silversneakers® for an affordable workout as this program is often covered eating healthy, natural foods exercising regularly getting enough vitamin d getting enough omega 3’s, . winter wellness tips for seniorsexplore youtube workouts. there are some remarkable video workouts you can do from home. use what you have at home. you don’t need a ton of fancy gym equipment to move your body. dance it out. supplement workouts with healthy food. stay hydrated. talk to loved ones.

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