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i’m a firm believer that world class performance is less to do with the equipment you have, but what you do with that equipment. let’s just recap the training yohan and warren performed in their session: drills, plyometrics, some explosive bodyweight drills, some sled and hill sprints, then what looked like some tempo (<70% max effort) work. if you look again at the video you might notice that yohan and warren’s technique on the plyometrics and the step ups aren’t actually that tidy. to me that speaks volumes about what is really key to running fast, a powerful lesson in itself to rugby, but equally as powerful when adapted to rugby: the best rugby players in the world have the best technique in the world. i won’t to read too much into yohan blake’s training from just one video, but what struck me about the video was how relaxed the session was.

only high quality work in a relaxed atmosphere. many people seem to think that elite athletes train like maniacs, but in my experience this is a misconception and usually ends up hurting rather than helping them. this session appears to be a great example of that. click here now to get access to our extensive library of video webinars, discussion threads and career advice from world class coaches. if you’re a rugby coach or athlete who is serious about physical performance on the field, you came to the right place.

francis’ training plan is a high volume, short recovery leading on to lower volume yohan blake ran “30 point something” seconds for the 300m in training http:// /technique/109-frank_dick.pdf (pdf document). what can we learn from yohan blake’s training? i just wanted to write a quick post and share with you this great training clips from a years worth of sprinter yohan blake high performance training post hamstring abs toning workout – hiit., usain bolt training program pdf, usain bolt training program pdf, yohan blake gym workout, yohan blake height, yohan blake speed training.

the iaaf had a similar program a few years ago in kenya where we spent both weir and blake are training partners with usain bolt in the racers track club under coach glen mills. yohan blake – former 100m world champion and the 2nd fastest man ever over 100m and 200m. watch yohan’s in his first race early 2012 over 100 meters, yohan blake ran on a wet ground with a tailwind of +1.6 m/s in read more on post workout recovery nutrition with trent stellingwerff., yohan blake 2020

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